by Body Shame

About Body Shame

Body Shame is a solo experimental project that examines themes of internal dissonance, negative thought loops, existential panic, and societal alienation as well as the behaviors and problems that arise from these phenomena.

QUIET PILLS ties themes of internal dissonance, existential panic, and societal alienation via a mix of unrelated, but always left of center musical styles. From no wave to black metal, IDM to post-punk and back, the collection of songs and not-quite-songs manage to congeal into a cohesive whole that does not resemble its ingredients.

QUIET PILLS continues Body Shame’s series of difficult, experimental releases, but breaks away from many of its predecessors in new, unique ways. It emphasizes raw vocals, ranging from delicate to violent and transitions from its usual, maximal approach to a new heavy dynamism.

Written and produced by Body Shame in Portland, Oregon USA, Jan-Oct 2020. 

Art, layout, and design by Clamber.org Mastered by Martin Bowes at The Cage Studios

BENTO-009-2020 Portland, OR USA bentorecords.com

License: © Bento Records and respective artists. All rights reserved. Released Jan 21st, 2021.

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Track List

Directions: Administer the following two programs in the order of your choosing. Preferably in a minimally lit environment and at maximum volume.

Quietia 5mg (17:49)
  • The Fruit of Your Loins
  • In Love With My Face
  • Falling Down
  • Dead Skin
  • Quiet Pills

Delusium 6mg (20:08)
  • The Delusion Shuffle
  • Tired of Wanting
  • Shut the Fuck Up
  • A Bully and a Coward
  • A Permanent Solution
  • No Response

Praise and reviews for Body Shame:

An “...expanse of slowly desiccating beats, buzzing computer racket, and the occasional intrusion of what might be a melody — all the better to enjoy the ride through every unexpected twist and turn and to make sure you don’t get hurt as the ground crumbles away beneath your feet.”
    - Robert Ham, Oregon Music News

“Body Shame blasts through synth-heavy post-punk/industrial screeds with lots of excess imagination and ingenuity. Like robots suffering from an identity crisis or questioning their gender assignments.”
    - Cassette Gods

“...sounds like a cyborg trying to eat its own body. It is profoundly unpleasant and deeply perfect. Consider this a soundtrack for your worst vision of our future.”
    - Chris Stamm, Willamette Week

“This tape kicks your ass and doesn't let up. Just when you think it's over
it picks up again and slams you into another strange world. It's like the audio equivalent of the old Heavy Metal magazines. Really awesome stuff.”
    -Traumatic Static Webzine

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