Pink Noise  
// Compilation Tape

Pink Noise Cassette: 2019

Introducing Pink Noise: the album!

Tracks from Pink Noise artists from the past 2 years. Being produced now by Bento Records in PDX, OR. Cassette tape: Transparent pink tape & cover. Can be delivered or picked up in Portland.

Track List:
Clamber - Platform
Indira Valey - Haci Te Vas
Avola - Dark Path
Mojave Bird - Holy
CK Numbskull - Candywink
Crystal Quartez - Clear Quartz
Meroitic - It might mean nothing
Mike Gamble - Rotifer
Dophin Midwives - Grass Grow (Patricia Wolf Remix)
J$Fur - Midnight Crossing

Released 2019-11-06 in Portland, Oregon

Special Edition pink noise 2019 Cassette!

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Bento Records 2024 — Portland, Oregon USA